The checklist before you move

There is always plenty to think about whilst you are moving home. In fact, it is a good idea to think about and plan your move with plenty of time to spare. One of the best ways that you can make sure you are ready for the move is to create a moving checklist.

Not sure where to start? Why not put together a moving home checklist to make sure that you have everything that you need, and have planned exactly what you need to do in order to make your move a success.

Two months before the move

In the months leading up to your move it is the time to start planning. Put together a binder with all the things that you will need for your move. You should make the time to go through all your belongings, deciding on what you want to discard, sell or donate.

You should also think about the packing supplies that you are going to need, and decide whether you are going to rely on friends to move, or research moving companies that can help you.

Seven weeks before the move

As you countdown the weeks until you move, you should start to gather all the packing supplies that you have bought. This includes bubble wrap, tape, markers and boxes. You should also think about the travel arrangements too. If you are moving long distances, then this may involve buying flights.

If it is only a short distance, you still might want to think about someone who look after your children and your pets on the day of the move.

Six weeks before the move

You need to make sure you have notified schools, doctors and dentists of your impending move. This allows them to change your medical records.

Five weeks before the move

If you have decided to use a moving company, then now is the time to book them in. If not, then you will need to double check with those that have offered their help. You should also book in the rental of any storage space that you need for the move.

Four weeks before the move

The big day is fast approaching, which means that there is plenty to think about. You should get in touch with the utility provider in your current home and notify them of the date that you will need to cancel, as well as when you will need it switched to the new address.

If there are any items that you do not immediately need, then there is no harm packing that all away now. You should also think about where you are going to put everything in the new home, and create an inventory of your belongings.

Three weeks before the move

Do you have home insurance? If you do, then you should look at how you can have this transferred to your new property, you also need to start notifying important companies about your new address.
You should also think about how you can use up the food in the fridge or freezer.

Two weeks before the move

Pack up the things that you don’t need on a daily basis, ready to move. Also clean your current home, and if possible visit your new home to give that a clean. If there are any things that you cannot move, these should be disposed of.

One week before the move

This final week before the move is ideal for you to pack up your items, you should also give one last call to those that are helping you to move, just to make sure.

The day before the move

Check that everything is packed up and all the boxes are labelled and ready to go. You should also go through your current home and check all of the pantries and cabinets, as well as cleaning out the freezer and fridge of all the food too.

The big day

Make sure that you have packed a bag or box of all those things that you are going to need during the first few nights. This includes important items such as snacks, toiletries and any medicines.

You need to speak to your moving company and ensure that they know which items are fragile and need extra care during the move. Before you leave and lock up, you should check that nothing has been left behind and don’t forget to say goodbye!

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