Essential Apps for Moving

We all know moving can be one of the most stressful events in life. One thing to admit to yourself early and often is the mantra, “I’m going to need some help.”

Feel better? Good.

Pack, Purge or Donate

Moving is a big job and one thing that catches people, especially those moving long distance, is there may not be a helping hand when you arrive. Apps like Handy and TaskRabbit can help get your place in tip-top shape so you can feel comfortable in your new home. Handy is a service to help tidy up your new place — all those packing peanuts — or to clean anything the previous homeowner left behind, yuck. TaskRabbit can help you do, well, anything. Hang a shelf, build a desk, or just get the couch in the door.

Moving is a time of great change and with it comes a sense of renewal. We’re trying to ease you into this but, it’s a good time to get rid of some stuff. You only need three categories and we’ve got apps and suggestions for all of them. The first is pack, we have a few tips.

The next is purge; this is the stuff that either needs to be recycled or sold. Use apps like Letgo or OfferUp to ‘let go’ or ‘offer up’ your used stuff to a new and loving home, for the right price. This could save you on the cost of your movers and time spent packing. Start early and pocket the cash for eating pizza on the floor at your new place.

Finally, one of our favorites is the donation phase. Food is susceptible to being tossed (and wasted) when moving and that’s where Move for Hunger comes in. Move for Hunger is a charitable organization that empowers moving companies across the country to collect and donate food (that ordinarily would have been wasted) to its local food banks. On moving day, your movers will provide you with a collection box and ask for any non-perishable food items. Start fresh in your new kitchen while helping the most vulnerable in your community; this is a win-win! Move for Hunger has donated 8 million pounds of food to those in need.

For When You Arrive

We’ve learned that the best time to plan your post-move unpacking is not when you arrive, box in hand, at your new pad. Here are a few apps that will make your first few days feel like home.

Peapod and Postmates are services to stock your kitchen – or your stomach – when they are bare. Whether you want to get some clothes put away while groceries come to you or you just cannot find the box with the pans and need a quick meal, these guys have your back.

Ever buy a shirt online and not been able to get it past your navel? We can’t help you there, but Magicplan can help make sure your bed fits in your bedroom. Magicplan is a space estimator that uses your phone’s camera to help you map out all of the furniture in your home. Map one room or an entire floor and skip the measuring tape.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Meeting neighbors and copying keys, two things on grandma’s moving checklist and it’s still on yours. But, you’ve guessed it, there’s an app for those now — take that, meemaw!

First, skip finding an employee at the hardware store and make keys with KeyMe. This app lets you take a photo of your keys and then ships a copy to your door. That’s magic. Order an extra set for your significant other and double the odds you get in the front door.

How do you meet your new neighbors and decide who deserves one of your new spare keys? Nextdoor is an app that connects you with people and services in your new neighborhood. This is a private social network for people in your neighborhood, using real names and exchanging many cups of sugar. Meet the couple across the street or find a babysitter for Saturday night, you’ve earned it!

Get Out There and Move

Whether you’re currently planning your move, thinking of next year’s needs, or staying put for now, these moving apps are great ways to make your life a little simpler. We’re here to help assist anyone in the thrall of the moving process. So, get out there and make it happen! Oh, and one more thing, remember your mantra from earlier!

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