How to make moving more fun for your kids

It is a fact that moving isn’t particularly fun, but if you are a child, or have children, it can be even more stressful.

Despite the fact that you have taken the time to sit and talk to your kids about how you will be moving to a different home, they still may find the entire thing overwhelming.

This means it is down to mom and dad to make sure that the move is easier, and a bit more fun for them.

To help you with this, we have put together some of the ways that you can make moving more fun for your kids, and in turn, make them feel more comfortable about what is happening.

Task them with picking something new for the house

If you are finding that your kids are a little worried about moving home, why not see if you can get them excited by choosing something for their new digs. It doesn’t have to be anything too huge, curtains for their bedroom, a rug for the living room, or even just a new toy. Anything that will get them excited about getting settled in their new home.

Promise them with some intrepid exploring

Kids love exploring. So why not make the promise that once you reach your new home, you will take some time to get out there and explore. The best place to start is by giving them a grand tour of where they will be living, and then you can take them around the backyard and into the neighbourhood that you will soon be calling your own.

Give them a special box to pack their stuff in

Does your child have some special items that give them comfort? A blanket, a teddy, a book? All of these things can help them to feel better about their move. So, give them the opportunity to pack them all away in a special box that is just theirs. You could ask them to decorate the box themselves, and give it a special place with you in the car as you drive to your new home.

Make them the priority when it comes to unpacking

You will want to make sure that your kids feel comfortable in their new home as soon as possible. Especially if they are feeling particularly nervous. This means that you should try and get them settled before anything else.

The best way to do this is to unpack their room first, get out all their familiar items. Even better, you concentrate on the bigger items, and then give them the chance to take over with everything else.

Moving is a big experience for all the family. Thankfully there are ways that you can make it feel a little less stressful for you all. Why not try some of these and see if you can make the kids feel that little bit happier with their new home.


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