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A Professional, Licensed & Insured Moving Company.

Sweet Lemon Moving Services is a professional, licensed and insured moving company that provides moving services locally to the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as the entire State of California. Our number one priority is safety. Our movers will move all of your belongings and provide you with a stress-free job from beginning to end. Our movers take any and all precautions necessary to ensure a secure transfer of your possessions to your new home or office. At Sweet Lemon Moving Services our staff are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of moving services.

We’re proud of ourselves for organizing the most qualified team of movers who passed our extensive training and are providing a very high level of service to our clients.

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Our Insurance and Valuation Coverage

Sweet Lemon Moving Services is a fully licensed and insured moving company.

Please understand that there are inherent risks while moving physical property.

Purchasing the additional INSURANCE COVERAGE prior to your move will provide you with additional property protection past the legally required 60 cents per pound included in BASIC STANDARD VALUATION COVERAGE.

If we are responsible for damage to your property, we will do our best to make you happy before we leave your job. If unable to come to an initial agreement, we will resolve issues through our insurance company. In this event, the settlement will be based on the level of coverage you choose before your move. Your choices of VALUATION COVERAGE are as follows: Basic Standard Valuation

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At Sweet Lemon Moving Services, we take pride in offering all our customers a fantastic service at a competitive price. We offer a full range of services, whatever your requirements. From a standard residential move to a large scale commercial relocation, we are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, full licensing and insurance to meet your moving needs.

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