7 Things To Consider When Moving with a Pet

Check Local Ordinances and Bylaws of Your New Community Moving with a pet can be difficult if you don’t do your research. There are a lot of restrictions placed on pets in many communities. For instance, I lived in a neighborhood where all pets had to weigh 30 pounds or less. Another apartment community only allowed cats. Save yourself the stress and do your pre-moving homework. Schedule a Veterinarian Visit Before Moving Prior to moving, […]

Avoiding Illegal Movers: 4 Truths About Dishonest Moving Companies

Sometimes we can’t hold ourselves back from jumping on a deal that’s too good to be true. Many times, however, these bargains are just that: Too good to be true. We spend our money thinking that we’ve made out like bandits, only to later find out that we’ve become a victim of an elaborate scam. […]