Protect Your Move and Your Money

Moving can be difficult if you don’t plan ahead and choose the right mover. Here are a few tips you may want to consider when shopping for a mover. Make an educated choice!


Before choosing a mover, it is important to verify the good standing and valid licensing of any moving company. We urge you to contact your local Better Business Bureau as well as the American Moving & Storage Association to verify that the mover’s license is valid and active with the appropriate transportation agency, such as the state or U.S. Department of Transportation. It is important that you take the time to check references and get all the services agreed to by the company in writing. Make sure your mover of choice is local and has a physical address and location. Ask to clarify if you are dealing with a broker or the actual moving company that will service your move.


When you are ready to decide, don’t make price the deciding factor. This is the easiest way to get burned. Low-ball bids could mask less reliable moving practices. A method to get the best price is to take the average of all the quotes you receive, compare apple to apple (same inventory list on all quotes, all fees included, same packing included on all, etc.). Remember you get what you pay for. Use several factors in addition to price: references, performance reports, and reported complaints to make your final decision in booking your move.


While some movers may require an immediate large deposit in advance, reputable, reliable movers only require good faith, fully refundable small deposit when you place your order. For your convenience, ask if all credit cards are accepted and what other forms of payment will be eligible. Always make sure the price quoted is the final price—a binding estimate—including packing fees, insurance, surcharge, taxes, and any other fees. Get this in writing!


After you’ve chosen your mover, schedule your move at least two weeks before you move, giving enough time to coordinate your pick-up and guarantee your move date. Basically, the more advance time the better and the more money you save. Early birds get bigger discounts. If you can’t be there in person, arrange an alternative authorized party such as a neighbor, friend or relative you can trust to be there for you at pick-up and/or delivery.

Make it a safe, stress-free move. It is possible when you call the right mover and make an educated decision!

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