How to Minimize Moving Stress

Relocating to a new city is not easy. A lot of change is involved for you, your spouse and children, but rest assured any anxiety you are feeling is normal and can be helped.

Holly Hackett, director of relocation services at Skogman Realty in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has 15 years of relocation expertise. She says stress is often inevitable given the situation.

“Any move, whether it is across town or across the country, can be stressful,” Hackett said. “Getting situated into a new community and new work environment can be overwhelming.”

Hiring a professional moving company

When it comes to handling stress, Hackett tells her clients not to take on too much, and that professional services are available to ease what can feel like a daunting workload.

One of the easiest tasks to hand off is the actual move itself. You no longer have to worry about driving an awkward, oversized truck alone or convincing your friends that the best way to spend a Saturday is getting sweaty loading and unloading heavy, oversized furniture and appliances. Hiring a crew of professional movers will save time and energy on moving day.

“Leave the packing and moving to the professionals,” Hackett advises. “Don’t try to take on more than need be. A professional moving company is the perfect choice.”

Finding a professional moving company

Finding a professional mover is painless. First, start researching companies that offer relocation services out of state. Once you have zeroed in on a few options, ask for a price quote. Also, be sure to check out any ratings and reviews the company has received from previous customers.

Many moving companies do more than move. Consider some of their other offerings, like packing and unpacking. That service will save you the trouble of having to wrangle up used boxes and old newspaper. Professional movers are stocked with supplies like moving pads, straps and stretch wrap, and are trained to pack in a manner that will protect your belongings and prevent damages.

Financial help

It may feel like the cost of your move is really starting to add up with these services, but maybe not.

If you are fortunate enough to be relocating for a new job or promotion, the company will often kick in and help with some of the moving expenses. If your employer does not initially offer any type of relocation package, try bringing it up to your boss or human resources representative. Put together a rough budget and present it to your employer. The company will likely be interested in keeping your stress levels in check so you are able to adjust to your new job without worrying about your move at the same time.

Some tax incentives are also available for those relocating.

“There are tax benefits for a transferee whose employer chooses to work with a third party relocation company,” Hackett said. “Also, some moving expenses are tax deductible if your move is for employment reasons.”

You do not have to take on this move alone. Explore the resources available to help make the moving process more manageable. Limiting stress will free up time for you to focus on the things that really matter like adjusting your family, discovering your new city, and getting to know new friends and neighbors.

“Be patient,” Hackett said. “You have a trusted team of professionals behind you. It will all work out.”


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