6 Tips for Relocating a Wine Collection

That’s quite the impressive wine collection you have there.

A collection like that took many years (not to mention lots of money) to build, and as such, it’s not just a bunch of bottles you’ll want to haphazardly toss in the backseat of your car, or in boxes left for the movers. No, you’ll want to take care to ensure that no damage comes to your wine collection when you move.

​Consider these tips for relocating with a wine collection.

1. Call an appraiser before you move.

To you, your wine collection is invaluable. But really, that’s not the case. All that wine is worth something, and it’s important that you know how much it’s worth. Ask your local wine merchant to point you in the direction of a qualified appraiser, and find out the specific value of your collection before you move.

2. Photograph your wine collection.

When it comes to something like a wine collection, the best way to keep an accurate record of the overall contents is to take detailed photographs. Keep copies for your records, and take new photographs as necessary.

3. Tell you mover that you have a high-value wine collection to be moved.

This is must-know information for any moving company. When you call to speak with the mover about their moving services, let them know that you have a high-value wine collection among your belongings to be moved. There are specific, necessary preparations that will have to be made in order to protect your precious wine collection during the move.

4. Fill out a high-value inventory form.

When making arrangements to relocate your wine collection, your movers should ask you to fill out a high-value inventory form. Doing so will guarantee that your wine collection qualifies for unlimited liability protection. (Ask about the different protection and replacement plans the moving company offers.)

5. Check the temperature.

The older the wine, the more delicate it is, and the more care that must be taken to protect its flavor. Finely aged wine must be stored at the right temperature and always at the right temperature to avoid affecting the appearance and taste.

6. Pack your wine collection the right way.

In special boxes meant to protect fragile items from damage during transit. Corked wine bottles should be packed upside down — yes, upside down — so that the corks remain wet. Oh, and one more thing: Never pack wine bottles that have been opened.

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