10 Tips for Displaying Art in Your New Place

You’ve made the move. Your belongings have all arrived safely. Now you need to make that new house yours. Choosing the right décor for each room is one of the best ways to turn that new house or apartment into
a home.

Embrace the opportunity to make space your own with art that reflects where you live, where you want to go, and your favorite destinations. Here are 10 tips to make it easier to choose map art and decide where to display it.



  1. Pick a piece that showcases your personality. For example, if you love traveling, wall maps and map art can help make a statement and wake up your walls, as well as spark interesting discussions. You and your guests can point out places you’ve been and where you’d like to travel next.
  2. Pick the right art for your room by considering the size and shape of the wall where you will hang it. If the wall is tall and narrow, art that reflects that shape will fit well, while a larger piece of artwork is better for a large, long wall.
  3. As you’re considering how to group art on a particular wall, try previewing how the picture grouping will look by laying it out on the floor first. This way you can easily move things around when deciding on an arrangement, saving time and energy.
  4. Have fun and pick art that will create conversation. Consider artist Wendy Gold’s unique ImagineNations creations to add flair and a whimsical element to any room. The lithographs inspire conversation, including a world map with butterflies, a world map featuring a peace-on-Earth motif, and a “Jardin Monde” map showing the world as an overflowing cornucopia.
  5. Be sure to hang artwork at the right height. The average human eye level is about 57 inches from the floor. If you’re hanging art over a couch, position it between 5 and 10 inches higher for a better presentation.
  6. Centering art can be tricky. A couch can be against a wall with a side table, and the couch may not be centered. Further complicating things could be beams along with your ceiling that skew placement. But really, it’s all about personal preference.
  7. One trick is to extend your artwork over the edge of the couch to visually expand your space.
  8. Try putting your art on bookshelves, on mantels, or leaning it against the back of a chair to create the unexpected. Small framed maps can make a visual statement on your bookshelf.
  9. One technique to help make a room with high ceilings seem cozier is to hang framed pieces at the same height in a row. Make sure the tops of the frames are exactly the same level. This effect replicates crown molding and increases architectural interest.
  10. Don’t forget the mirrors. Mirrors can really enhance a room by expanding the space. Just pay attention to what it’s reflecting, such as capturing artwork across the room for added effect.

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