How to Move a Gun Safe Safely

A packed gun safe can easily weigh more than a small elephant and has the potential to be more than a little bit dangerous. We always recommend that you hire professionals for moves like this, but sometimes life gets complicated. So how can you make sure that you’re prepared to (safely) move your gun safe?

When it comes to moving a gun safe, you’ll need to plan accordingly, because moving a gun safe can be a dangerous proposition if you don’t prepare. Here are some tips on what you need to do to prepare to move your heavy-duty gun safe (elephant not included).

Moving a Gun Safe the Right Way

There’s a right way to move a gun safe to reduce damage and the risk of injury. The process requires some special tools and experience. We always recommend you leave the moving of heavy-duty safes and other specialty moves to the professionals, but if you find that you need to do it yourself, make sure you move your gun safe the right way. Here’s our step-by-step guide to preparing your gun safe and moving it the right way.

1. Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It

It bears repeating: don’t move your gun safe while it’s loaded. If you don’t empty it, it’s possible that, in the case of your gun safe being dropped or any other accident occurring, you can risk damage to your equipment, and that can add up to expensive repairs. And please, don’t move loaded guns inside your gun safe. Just saying.

2. Get the Proper Equipment to Move a Gun Safe

From renting a strong dolly cart to remembering to acquire gloves, secure straps, and a big, sturdy truck to load it onto, don’t cut corners when it comes to gathering the proper equipment to perform a gun safe move. Heavy-duty moves require heavy-duty equipment.

3. Identify the Obstacles in the Way of Moving Your Gun Safe

Stairwells, tight hallways and small door frames are just a few of the major obstacles that can make your gun safe move more difficult. Special equipment such as stair-climbing dollies will make this task much more manageable. Additionally, measure your safe to know its dimensions before you start, and plan the path you will need to follow once you arrive at your destination and before you begin to move your safe.

4. Secure Your Gun Safe Before You Move It

Make sure you use those straps you bought or borrowed. They will be great for keeping your gun safe from rolling off the dolly while you’re transporting it from your house to the truck, as well as securing the gun safe during transport.

5. Gather Strong, Experienced Moving Help

When it comes to moving a gun safe, the help you have, the merrier you’ll be! If you don’t have professional moving experience, then make sure you can gather a crew of strong friends who have experience moving heavy objects, such as a gun safe or a hot tub. What you might lack in professional experience, you can more than make up for by mobilizing a strong crew of eager movers to lift, carry or load (or maybe just watch from the house) your gun safe. Always make sure your crew wears gloves. Friends don’t let friends risk getting their fingers crushed. Last, make sure everyone drinks lots of water because moving a gun safe is difficult work!

Gun Safe Movers

And there it is: if you acquired all the necessary equipment and a strong group of friends, relatives or professionals to assist your gun safe move, you should be ready to load your safe back up and enjoy its new place. Just remember these tips:

  • Empty Your Gun Safe Before Moving It
  • Get the Proper Equipment to Move a Gun Safe
  • Identify the Obstacles in the Way of Moving Your Gun Safe
  • Secure Your Gun Safe Before You Move It

And if challenges do arise in the planning or execution of your move, call certified professionals to give you a quote for moving your heavy-duty gun safe. Most certified movers have experience moving large and heavy items, as well as navigating any potential obstacles, such as stairs and challenging doorways. We always recommend hiring professionals instead of trying to pull off complicated, possibly dangerous moves yourself, such as moving a gun safe.

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