How to label your moving boxes like a pro

Moving to a new apartment

When it comes to moving, there is plenty to think about and do. Which means that it is a great idea to try and find the easiest ways to do things. How you label your boxes, or making sure you do it all, is a really good idea.

Using labels not only means that you can have a list of contents right there in front of you, without having to even open the box. But it also makes unpacking at the other end much easier and more efficient too. Both things that you will be grateful for when you have already spent lots of time planning and executing your big move.

Whilst for most, a simple label with the new room on there would do, there are some creative ways that you can approach labelling your moving boxes, all of which will really help improve the entire process.

To help find your inspiration, we have put together some of our favorite ideas when it comes to labelling.

Make them colorful

Nothing grabs your attention like a nice bright color, so why not opt for bright, colorful and eye catching labels for your moving boxes. You could always assign each room in the new home a color, not forgetting to make a key so everyone knows what this means. All you need to do then is to give each packed box a colorful sticker on the top, and it is ready to go. No worries about writing down the rooms and having them rub off.

To make it even easier for the moving company, if you have one, you could stick the matching sticker on the doorway of the room in the new house, that way they know exactly where the box should be heading easily.

Should you make an inventory?                                                                           

You may wonder whether or not it is worth making a list of all the items that is in the box, but if you have the time to make the list then it can really benefit you. You could make a master list of all the items, and then write down the corresponding box number.

That way, if you are missing items, or missing a box, the entire process of finding those missing items becomes a lot easier. If you are feeling super organised then you can take a printed copy of the list and pop it on the box, meaning that you have an exact list of what is inside for yourself and for the movers.

Mark it fragile

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile marking a box as fragile, and it really is. Marking something as fragile lets the people know that they need to treat the things inside with care, and will help when they are loading the transport. You should always still try to pack the box properly, and wrap the fragile items as best you can. Just in case any accidents were to happen.

So, there you have it. Some of the basics to think about when labelling boxes for your big move. It makes sense to spend the time organizing yourself one end, as it will become a whole lot easier when you finally reach your new home.

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