Do-It-Yourself Moves Can Cost More Than You Think

There’s a common misperception that DIY moves can be done more cheaply and offer less risk than professional moves. In fact, this is often not the case.

The reality is that a lot can go wrong, especially if you try to do it yourself, and costs can add up quickly. After the truck and equipment rental, boxes and tape, fuel for your truck and other hidden costs, some DIY moving options can cost you more than a full service move with a professional mover. Not to mention the worry, hassle and stress of being responsible for anything that goes wrong.

You, your family and friends may not have the expertise or strength to lift heavy furniture and electronics, putting your loved ones at risk for injury. If your friend Larry drops an expensive TV on his toe, you could be on the hook for costly medical bills and liability claims.

Your friends and family also may not be the best experienced crew to help pack and load your precious possessions. If your valuables are lost or damaged during a DIY move, your homeowner’s insurance will likely not offer the protection you thought you had to replace your items. Professional movers can help you choose the best option to secure and insure your belongings, giving you peace of mind.

Even driving a moving truck can be disastrous for amateurs. Drivers in rented moving trucks frequently drive into bridges because they didn’t notice the height restrictions that apply to truck drivers. Professional moving drivers use truck-specific GPS systems, which are different from the regular consumer models, to identify safe routes for vehicles of various sizes. They are programmed to avoid narrow roads and low-clearance areas like under bridges.

The American Moving & Storage Association believes that consumers would be much better off hiring a professional mover—a ProMover. The ProMover certification program can help you quickly and easily find a qualified mover near you. All ProMovers are fully licensed and insured, have passed a background check, and will save you the hassles of a do-it-yourself move.

Get free referrals from certified ProMovers to schedule free in-home estimates for your move at no obligation to you. Even if you are still considering handling the entire move yourself, you have nothing to lose when inviting a mover into your home to determine if a professional move is the best option for you.

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